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For the 25th anniversary of Art's website, fans submitted questions and Art answered some.

24 Nov 2023 - For a limited time we have added to the website, the original site pages from Art's Millennium Cruise starting on December 28, 1999.


10 Feb 2023 - Available now online at several vendors and at CVS in the US, Simon and Garfunkel 60th Anniversary Magazine.










Update on Concerts

Future shows have been cancelled. Though Art intended and wanted to do the European tour dates that had been scheduled, due to COVID his doctor has forbidden him to do so. Tickets can be returned where they were purchased.



Art's Book

September 10, 2019 marked the release of the trade paperback edition of Art's acclaimed autobiography What Is It All But Luminous: Notes From An Underground Man (Vintage Books). First published in hardcover in 2017 by Alfred A. Knopf (available everywhere books are sold), the Huffington Post praised the book as “charming and poetic.” Of his very personal and unique memoir, friend James Taylor said, “Art Garfunkel has seen it all. He has surveyed it from the heights and lived it at street level. He has walked the world. A deeply thoughtful man whose voice has made an indelible mark on his time, he is a friend and a colleague for half of my life and is still a mystery. He opens his mind to us in this delightful diary. I wish you the joy of it." More detail



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On The Scene

Art Garfunkel Jr. has released his second CD entitled, Evergreen

Listen to previews of both Arts singing "Ein Zug fährt durch die Nacht500 Miles" available on various streams.

Art Garfunkel Jr. his first CD entitled, Wie Du (Just like You - A homage to my father). All tracks come from the Simon & Garfunkel catalog or Art Garfunkel's solo career. Dad joins Jr. on El Condor Pasa, Sounds of Silence and Bridge Over Troubled Water. The other songs are sung in German with guest artists. 

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Art is proud to have joined Arthur Jr. on his new album, Wie Du (Just like You - A homage to my father). Sounds of Silence, El Condor Pasa and The Boxer.